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How to Choose the Right Desk Chair for You

Working from home has become a significant part of modern working life, so the desk chair you choose must be up to the task!

You have many factors to consider when choosing a desk chair style, from adjustability to aesthetics. We go through the different factors you should consider when picking out a desk chair for your workplace or home office.


People come in all different shapes and sizes, which is why it is essential to get a chair that can be adjusted by height. Optimal sitting position requires a neutral spine, feet roughly hip-width apart, and your legs just slightly down from a 90-degree angle from your body, so buying a chair that adjusts in height to meet these requirements is an absolute must. Some desk chairs offer other types of adjustability as well, such as back angle and armrest height, but chair height adjustability is the most essential for your health.


Working from home is becoming more prevalent, and people are furnishing their home office spaces more comprehensively than ever. You may think desk chairs are a pretty boring piece of home office furniture but with the right desk chair style, they can make quite a statement!

The Vintage Office Chair, for example, is a faux leather chair that can add a distinguished vintage look to your office or study. For a more modern vibe, try the Madden PU Office Chair, with its classy black padded design.

Build Material

You will be sitting in your desk chair five days a week for multiple hours a day, so you need a chair with materials and construction quality that will hold up while remaining comfortable. Faux leather, Polyurethane fabric, and velvets will be your best bets as these materials are comfortable to sit on while still hardy enough to withstand some abuse. With a sturdy gas lift function, the Luka Office Chair is reliably built and its polyurethane mesh and velvet materials will hold up over many years.

Lumbar Support

One of the most common injuries for desk workers is lower back pain. This is typically caused by the slouching associated with inadequate back support on desk chairs.

The Lex Office Chair has an ergonomically shaped rigid backing that will help to uphold your neutral spine position throughout the long days. Like the Lex Office chair, ergonomic designs will usually have a backing that protrudes around the lower back to provide that extra bit of sturdy support.


Mobility is essential, both in the office and working from home. Sliding over to discuss something on a colleague’s computer screen, moving over to your whiteboard to draw up a plan, or forming a circle for the morning meeting will be much easier with a desk chair with wheels. Wheels also provide a bonus for at-home workers of quick and easy relocation if another household member needs the study or office for a meeting.

Find the Right Desk Chair

Become your most productive self with a desk chair that suits your needs, tastes, and health requirements. Don’t settle for a non-office chair or stool; browse Target Furniture’s high-quality selection of office furniture and desk chairs today!


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