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6 Furniture Ideas to Maximise a Small Space

Updated: Apr 5, 2022

Furnishing a small space can be difficult without making it seem cramped and uninviting. But there are some easy tips that can turn your bedroom or living room (or even outdoor areas!) from frantic to fantastic. Check out our top tips and tricks to maximise your space, as well as some recommendations for bedroom and living room furniture for small spaces.

1. Scaling Down Furniture and Shape

This will be the first strategy people try when they have limited space to work with, and it is a good one! But scaling down their furniture is sometimes less effective than simply finding an ideal shape. Consider low furniture in your small bedroom or lounge. This can allow you the functionality of wide furniture while giving the appearance of tall ceilings, which will make your room feel more spacious.

2. Pursue Multi-Functionality

A standalone bed and sofa, each as separate items, can overwhelm smaller spaces like studio apartments. Instead, combine the two into a single piece of furniture! A sofa bed is a versatile piece of furniture that thrives in small spaces by eliminating the need for one of the two largest items you’ll find in most living spaces. Remove your bed by day to make your studio apartment feel more like a living room or give that cosy guest room the flexibility to work as a study or reading nook when you’re home alone.

3. Keep Your Colour Scheme Controlled

While there are exceptions, it is generally a good idea to keep to a controlled colour scheme in a small space with your furnishings and decorations. An overly convoluted colour scheme will make your space seem cluttered, confused, and even frantic, while a set theme with a bold colour or two will be more effective. The simpler schemes provide less contrast that would otherwise highlight the smallness of the space. Instead, simplicity will help the room flow and feel open.

4. Keep Your Outdoor Spaces Open

Do you have a small patio or backyard space that you want to make the most of? Many of our tips and tricks can also be applied to outdoor environments! Invest in some multi-function furniture like the Keter Go Bar that serves as a drink cooler as well as a refreshments table, saving you space on both items.

5. Place Furniture Away from Walls

Often one of your strongest instincts will be to place all your furniture right up against the walls of your room to maximise the space in the centre of the room. But this can have the opposite effect on how people perceive the room. Instead try to place furniture with a walkable gap between the item and the wall, as this will create a perception of more space due to increased accessibility.

6. Display your Storage

Sometimes trying to hide your storage ends up causing more issues than it’s worth. Instead, look to feature your storage with a high-quality piece of furniture such as this Melve Bookcase. A bookcase allows for some deep storage in the lower cabinet and features dynamic shelves for displaying all kinds of things such as books, plants, artwork, and more.

Studio Apartment Tips

Studio apartments are unique challenges not just because they are typically small but also because they combine the sleeping and living areas. This is where a lifting base system on your bed can be a lifesaver. Allowing you a huge amount of storage in a naturally accessible location. This can help you declutter your small space for entertaining or day-to-day living without taking up any more room than your bed otherwise would have.

Maximise Your Small Space Today

Find the furniture that will help your small space reach its potential with Target Furniture. With our easy-to-use online store, you can find all kinds of different furniture types from ottomans to bookcases. Shop with Target Furniture today!

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