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What is the Most Durable Outdoor Furniture for Your Backyard?

When shopping for outdoor furniture, you'll probably look for the same qualities as indoor pieces, such as a bit of style and a healthy dose of comfort. But one factor becomes far more crucial for outdoor furniture: durability.

Not only must outdoor furniture withstand the usual trials of everyday life, such as little ones, pets, and the occasional spill, but it must also contend with everything our wonderful and often wild New Zealand climate throws its way.

Continue reading below to discover a few of our favourite materials for durable outdoor furniture and how to choose the right options for the elements your outdoor space experiences.

What to Consider When Looking for Durable Outdoor Furniture

Your outdoor dining table and chairs will come up against various obstacles depending on where you call home. Consider what unique conditions your outdoor furniture will need to contend with.

Rain and Moisture

If you live where rain is inevitable and an umbrella is your constant companion, outdoor furniture with water-resistant qualities should be a top priority. Moisture on outdoor furniture is like a welcome mat, inviting mould, mildew, and rust to come and stay. Consider our high-quality furniture covers for cushioned furniture or untreated timber. These covers can protect particularly vulnerable outdoor furniture from water damage, no matter how heavy the downpour.

Sun Exposure

A sunny backyard isn't all sunshine and rainbows. Outdoor furniture takes a hammering from UV rays, which can cause certain materials to fade, become brittle and even crack. If your outdoor space gets a healthy dose of sunlight, look for materials that won't burn to a crisp. Aluminium also holds up well against sun exposure, but you can stave off warping and cracking in timber furniture with a strategically placed outdoor umbrella from Target Furniture! These umbrellas look the part and can take the brunt of the UV rays, potentially adding years to your outdoor furniture.

Wind and Storms

If your backyard becomes a wind tunnel when Mother Nature spits the dummy, opt for heavier furniture that won't be swept up and blown over in the wind. Concrete and sturdy teak or mahogany wood can hold the fort well in areas without windbreaks.

Our Favourite Outdoor Furniture Materials for Durability


Wood has long been the go-to material for durable outdoor furniture. It's gorgeous and comes from a sustainable source, making it easy on the eyes and even easier on the planet. But wooden outdoor furniture isn't just a pretty face; it has plenty of brawn to back up that beauty.

However, not all wood offers the same durability. Softwoods like cedar and pine are far less durable than hardwoods, such as the teak wood we use for our Olina Dining Set. Choosing hardwood over soft can make the difference between your outdoor furniture rotting away or lasting decades.

To give your wooden outdoor furniture a helping hand against the elements, we recommend staining the wood and applying a sealant yearly. Our Goldencare Teak Protector will maintain that natural timber hue for years.


You've probably seen concrete outdoor features, but what about furniture? To go along with the obvious strength and durability of concrete outdoor furniture, their hulking presence and unapologetic aesthetic have made them a crowd favourite among designers.

Concrete, though durable, is naturally heavy, porous, and prone to staining. That is unless you add something special into the mix. Our Capri Outdoor Table is made from glass-reinforced concrete, which makes it lighter and protects the surface from stains. Chunky in all the right ways, our Capri table is the perfect foundation for all your summer barbeque fun.


Aluminium is another material that appears high on our list for outdoor furniture because of its durability, light weight, and resistance to rust and corrosion.

Extremely versatile, aluminium can be twisted and turned into any shape you like. One shape we're big fans of is our Static Outdoor Dining Set. The Static Dining Set is a modern take on the classic picnic table. With a minimalistic frame and black powder-coated finish, this dining set will have everyone scrambling for their picnic baskets.


Plastic resin is an artificial material that provides a smooth surface and strong durability for outdoor furniture. It's a common choice for outdoor furniture due to its durability and resistance to rain, sun, humidity, and anything else our climate cooks up. Resin won't fade or crack in sunlight but rather continue to display its stunning finish for years to come.

Our Maddox Outdoor Chairs are the perfect example of resin put to good use. Inspired by English courtyard furniture, these chairs are dripping with an old-world charm that won't dry up in the sun!


Durable outdoor furniture is great, but without comfort, what’s it all for? No one wants to lounge around on a rock-hard seat. However, with the right selection of cushion fabrics, you can find a nice middle ground between the two.

Upholstered outdoor furniture like our Venus Outdoor 3-Seater can be your perfect little spot in the sun. The aluminium frame is very low-maintenance, providing a sturdy base that won’t warp or wane, while the outdoor cushions provide the plush comfort you need to fully enjoy your outdoor furniture. Whether you want to curl up and read a book or enjoy a couple of cold ones with friends, the polyester fabric of these outdoor cushions will hold up to any weather thrown its way. Polyester is breathable and resistant to sun fade, moisture, and other outdoor damage.

Get Your Backyard Summer Ready with Target Furniture

With summer around the corner, most of us are dusting off the old tables and chairs again and being reminded of the importance of durability in our outdoor furniture. If your furniture isn't quite looking up to snuff for this summer season, upgrade with Target Furniture today!

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