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Furniture Fabrics and How to Style Them

If clothes make the man, then fabric makes the furniture! Furniture Fabric greatly impacts the overall style and functionality of the item and how it operates within your home. To help you build the right feel with your home furniture, we’ll discuss the most popular fabrics used in our furniture and how best to style them.


Luxurious Leather

The epitome of class and luxury, leather furniture exudes timeless elegance. It is beloved for its unique advantages over its fabric counterparts. Leather furniture not only dresses the part but acts it with performance benefits you won’t find in other furniture materials.

Leather is perfect for homes with allergy sufferers and pets (that behave!), as it is hypoallergenic and won't collect pet hair. This means you’ll spend less time blowing your nose and cleaning to keep the luxury look.

If not abused, leather seats and sofas can last for decades, with all but the deepest pet scratches easily buffed out with some elbow grease. Leather also gets better with age! It becomes softer and increasingly resistant to scratches.

Soften Leathers with Lighter Tones

Traditional leather chairs like our Phoebe Recliners are dark by nature, which can be fantastic for larger rooms where the furniture needs to eat into the space to make it feel less baron. But in smaller living rooms, this can feel overwhelming. If you plan to introduce our Phoebe recliner into a smaller space, layer it with lighter accent pillows and throw blankets to soften its impact.


PU Leather: More Affordable, Equally Elegant

While it may not be the real deal, PU leather will give you a deal. This faux leather product has become an increasingly popular alternative to animal leather for its affordability and eco-friendly nature.

In an increasingly eco-conscious world, many are seeking vegan-friendly furniture pieces, and we can promise you that no cows were harmed in making our PU leather lounge chairs.

Create a Moody Atmosphere with Darker Accents

If you are looking for the luxury of leather without the price tag (or death toll!), our Norwich Chair could be for you. This chair instantly adds a touch of sophistication to any design. Try pairing it with an equally moody charcoal rug and woodsy side tables for a rustic yet elegant look.


Pliable Polyester Fabrics

Polyester is a flexible synthetic furniture fabric popular among cash-conscious and cleaning-adverse individuals. It can take on a variety of feelings, textures, and colours. From crisp or soft to dull or bold, polyester furniture comes in almost any style you like.

Polyester is a real workhorse, resistant to just about anything you throw its way. It is perfect for outdoor furniture or busy households that tend to take a beating, whether from the kids, pets, or guests.

Create Contrast Through Texture

Polyester fabrics like the one used on our Diego Sofa and Harper Chairs have a sleek and soft appearance.

Try incorporating various textures to add depth and visual interest. Combine the smoothness of our Diego sofa with textured cushions, rugs, or throws to create striking contrast in your living area.


Vivacious Velvet

The supercar of furniture fabrics, velvet is distinguished by its buttery-soft feel and rich, vibrant colours that scream "Sit on me." The creamy fleece-like feeling makes it nearly impossible to avoid curling up and falling asleep.

However, while shining in look and feel, there are a few practicality concerns. Velvet couches are pet hair magnets and don’t take too kindly to stains, making them a high-maintenance choice. But just like a sports car, the reward is worth it if you are willing to put in the effort.

Make Your Velvet Sofa the Star of the Show

A velvet sofa like our Elyse Sofa is a dramatic addition to any room and will express your inner showman.

The best thing you can do for these loud additions is give them the spotlight. Ensure your sofa is the centre of attention by placing it prominently in the room and not cluttering its space with other items. The remaining items in your living area should act as the supporting cast. Pairing our Elyse sofa with metallic accents like coffee and side tables will enhance the room’s opulence without removing the sofa’s shine.


Find Furniture that Fits You with Target Furniture

Are you looking for cosy and comfortable or lavish and luxurious? Your choice of furniture fabric will greatly impact the overall feel of your living room. Find furniture that fits you with Target Furniture; we have a huge selection you can browse online or take a closer look at one of our stores nationwide.

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