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Buffet Table Ideas at Home for Style & Functionality

A buffet table isn’t just for dining. This ancient piece of furniture has become today’s multi-functional living room must-have. While most families no longer need storage space for their fancy China, buffet tables have been adapted to cater to modern living needs. Learn more about these flexible furniture items below and try some of these handy buffet table ideas at home.

What is a Buffet Table?

A buffet table, or sideboard, is a low piece of furniture with plenty of cupboards and drawer space, usually placed in the living/dining room to store and display items. Traditionally its most common use was for serving food, but its uses have since expanded and buffets are now a valuable piece of furniture for modern living.


Keep on top of Living Room Clutter with a Buffet

Implementing storage in your living room can feel like an impossible task. Typically, you only have a coffee table, a TV cabinet, and perhaps the odd bookshelf to rely on. With the help of a buffet table, you can conquer your living room clutter with relative ease. Our Melve Buffet has ample storage with cupboards and drawers to house all your electronics, kids’ toys, and anything else causing a mess in your lounge. Repurposing an otherwise overlooked piece of furniture, such as a buffet, is an effective and unique way to maximise space and stay organised.


Turn Your Buffet into a Home bar

Is your living room the life of the party? If you do a lot of entertaining but feel a bit cramped for space, a buffet can be set up as your own at-home bar. A buffet with various storage components can store all your barware and drink supplies easily. Positioning your buffet bar against a wall near the kitchen or even in the seating area of your living room will help reduce traffic to the kitchen during parties. To create a complete bar effect, add some shelves above the buffet for displaying your drinks. A bar buffet is handy for any entertainer and can become quite the focal point of your living room.


Turn any Space into a Home Office with a Buffet

With more and more people working from home lately, a home office isn’t a luxury anymore; it’s a necessity. If your home doesn’t have a dedicated office space, consider a buffet as a helpful alternative. Choose a buffet like our Elmhurst Buffet with deep cupboards capable of containing a printer, file storage and supplies. With the right storage, you can create a home office nearly anywhere.


What will You use Your Buffet Table for?

A traditional buffet full of fine China and Grandmas’ doilies is fast becoming a thing of the past. Modern buffets are multi-functional items that can add versatility and style to your home. If you’re interested in a buffet, explore our extensive range of buffets and sideboards that are sure to suit any of your needs.

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