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How to Use a Rug to Tie Your Home Together

When deciding how to use a rug in your home décor, approach it as you would when choosing the right shoes for your outfit. You wouldn’t pair your nicest clothes for a night out with an old pair of runners; your shoes tie the whole outfit together! Apply the same fashion principles to rugs in your design. With the right rug used correctly, you can inform, enhance, and transform the room décor. Learn more below.


Define and Separate the Room

Consider how your rug will punctuate the space and flow from one area to the next. Develop a sense of movement from room to room by using a rug to create a visual pathway through your home.

Rugs are great for defining space within your design, such as a dining area in an open-plan living room or a quiet reading corner within your living room. The tactical placement of rugs will stop furniture from being swallowed by open-plan designs. Round and square rugs suggest stillness and comfort. They’re best used to designate social areas: between sofas or chairs, under coffee tables, or in front of entertainment centres. Longer rugs, meanwhile, suggest pathways and are best used in high-traffic areas.


How to use Outdoor rugs

Rugs are no longer confined to the interior of our homes. An outdoor rug can facilitate a smooth indoor-outdoor flow and define an outdoor dining area, making it feel like its own dedicated place separate from the rest of the backyard.

Rugs are a great addition to your outdoor space but require some special attention; rug pads need to be placed underneath the rug to buffer the rug and the surface and prevent slippage.


Use Your rug as a Statement Piece

A rug or collection makes for a great statement piece within any design. Funky vintage rugs or textured Morrocan rugs are just two examples of rug designs growing in popularity that are more than capable of making a statement. These rugs will not stand in the background and go unnoticed. They demand attention and help define your décor.

The typical design phrase “less is more” can be thrown out the window here, as when it comes to rugs, “more is more.” Using serval smaller rugs placed at different angles or layered on top of each other can add a certain punch to your design.


Use Your rug to Reinforce the Décor

Not only does a rug make a great feature piece, but it can also reinforce and support existing design themes. By selecting a rug that shares a similar colour scheme to your furniture or walls, your rug will help highlight these colours and bring the room’s aesthetic forward.


That rug Really Tied the Room Together

The ideal rug ties your decor together just like the perfect pair of shoes makes for a well-dressed outfit. Whatever statement, style, or function you need out of your rug, Target Furniture has something you'll enjoy. Browse our rug selection today!

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