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How to Design an Outdoor Living Space That Inspires

Updated: May 25, 2023

Whether you have a sprawling backyard, a cosy front porch, or a modest balcony, learning how to design outdoor living spaces is crucial to getting the most out of your home. Through clever use of outdoor furniture, you can transform that unused and unloved outdoor area into a thriving entertainment space for you and the family. Discover how Target Furniture’s range of outdoor furniture can unlock the potential of your backyard.


Bring the Living Room Outside with Outdoor Lounge Sets

After the past few years of recurring lockdowns, we are all due a little fresh air. Turning your backyard into an outdoor living room is a fantastic way to enjoy the great outdoors alongside the creature comforts of indoor living. Our Venus Modular Outdoor Lounge Set is the perfect foundation to build your open-air living room around. Plush foam seating gives you all the comfort of a lounge suite with the added toughness required for outdoor use. An outdoor lounge suite is pointless if the first bout of rainfall will wash it away. We work to ensure that all our outdoor furniture can withstand the hard-knock lifestyle of outdoor living.


Create Your Very Own Alfresco Dining Area at Home

Sunny days and warmer evenings are a great excuse to get outside and immediately add open-air dining to your menu. There’s just something about eating in your backyard that screams Kiwi summer! With our Olina 7 Piece Outdoor Dining Set, you can transform your outdoor living space design into your alfresco dining area at home. Each chair is hand woven with weather-resistant rope to endure in its outdoor role. This stylish dining set brings a restaurant-level aesthetic to your backyard; let’s just hope the food can live up to the quality!

To make your dining area stand out in your backyard, consider an outdoor rug such as our sturdy but stylish Cromwell Border Rug. Rugs can facilitate a smooth indoor-outdoor flow and help define your dining area, giving it a dedicated place separate from the rest of the backyard.


Make Use of Every Inch of Outdoor Space

Beyond the classic welcome mat or stray fern, we tend to ignore our front porches and balconies when designing our outdoor living spaces. But not anymore! Consider using our Dario Egg Chair to turn an empty patio into a chic outdoor seating area when designing your outdoor living space. This low-maintenance chair is built for all weather conditions and will hold its appearance for years to come. As many of us have limited outdoor space, we must make the most of every sunny spot available. Target Furniture can help you with various outdoor chairs to suit any size.


Let Your Backyard Flourish with Target Furniture

Knowing how to design your outdoor living space is key to tapping into the full potential of your backyard. Target Furniture can help your outdoor area flourish this summer, from lounge sets to dining tables. Browse our full range of outdoor furniture online today.

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