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Amazing Furniture Ideas for Entertaining Guests

Updated: May 25, 2023

Throwing a memorable party is an art. It takes inspiration and organisation and helps to have the right furniture for entertaining! A home that’s ideal for entertaining doesn’t have to be large. Scale matters more than size, so it’s all about the furniture you have and how you use it.

Below, we’ve assembled our favourite tips on what furniture your home needs and how to use it. Discover how to create a space for entertaining that your friends and family will cherish.


Consider Your Favourite Ways to Entertain

While some people are backyard barbecue folks, others may prefer wine-and-cheese affairs. Carefully consider how you like to entertain when choosing the furniture for your home. The best furniture for entertaining is that which fits your needs. If you love a little fun in the sun, an outdoor dining set is a must. If you love crowding around the table for a good old fashion board game night, you’ll want a versatile table like our Veno Extension Dining Table, to ensure you can fit the whole team.


Take the Party Outside

Blurring the lines between indoor and outdoor living is a great way to take the fun to the great outdoors. Create a trendy outdoor living area with our Venus Outdoor Lounge and Odessa Outdoor Umbrella, perfect for alfresco dining and summertime soirees. Our Venus lounge set is lightweight yet durable, ensuring comfy outdoor living for years to come, while the Odessa Umbrella will save you from sunburn under the Kiwi sun with its sprawling coverage.


Ignore the TV! Create a Sense of Intimacy

The right furniture for entertaining will create a sense of intimacy, bringing your guests together and encouraging conversation rather than directing everyone’s gaze to the television.

Now, there’s nothing wrong with a movie night, but consider rearranging your seating away from the TV when guests are over. Better yet, turn your kitchen into a second seating area more suited to entertaining with a few bar stools! Our Vintage Gaslift Barstool can transform your kitchen/dining area into an elegant foundation for the perfect wine and cheese night.


Keep Clutter at Bay

Organisation is key when hosting, and your furniture choices should reflect this! Being equally prepared to host a family dinner as you are a sleepover for the kids will require a lot of different odds and ends and, more importantly, somewhere to put them all. Buffet tables like our Melve Buffet are vital furniture for entertaining, ensuring you have somewhere to store everything you need close by while keeping your home free of clutter. Whether you need to keep plates and cutlery or board games and art supplies nearby by, our Buffet provides a stylish yet practical storage solution for your home.


Perfect Furniture for the Perfect Function

Now that you know how to set up the perfect party, it’s time to send out the invites and start organising! Upgrade your hosting game by getting the right furniture for entertaining with Target Furniture. Shop online or get a closer look at our range by visiting one of your stores today!

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