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Our Guide to Choosing the Right Guest Bed for Your Home

The holiday season often leads to a groundswell of friends and family descending on your home, needing a bed for a night or three! The quick (and incredibly uncomfortable) solution is to whip out the airbed or convince your guests of the benefits of couch surfing.

While nothing says I care for you quite like the smell of polyethylene plastic and a hefty aerobic exercise before bed, there is another solution! By ensuring you have quality guest beds, you can get your home holiday-ready should guests turn up at your door. Become the hostess with the mostest with our essential guest bed guide.


What to Look for When Choosing Your Guest Bed

Comfort is Always Key

The secret to ensuring your guests always wake up on the right side of the bed is comfort! Invest in a high-quality mattress that has your guest's back (and all other body parts) by offering the perfect level of support and conforming to different body types and sleeping styles. On the spectrum of soft and firm mattresses, your guest bed should rest in the middle to accommodate sleepers of all stripes.

Size Matters

Size matters when it comes to guest rooms! Selecting the right bed size is critical to maximising space without sacrificing comfort. Examine your guest room dimensions and choose a bed size that offers easy manoeuvrability and plenty of room for storing luggage.

One Bed Suits All

Versatility is the name of the game when choosing a bed for your guest room. From couples to families and solo travellers, the perfect guest bed will feel "just right" to all. Look for a bed frame and mattress that can take different weights and keep everyone comfy.


Our Favourite Guest Bed Solutions

A bed for Guests Both Big and Small

More often than not, your spare room will be on the small side, and bunk beds are the perfect space-saving guest bed. Taking advantage of the unused vertical space in a room, these tall towers of slumber are an excellent solution for accommodating multiple guests in the same room.

Our Casey Bunk Bed is available in a sleek white or black design that will never go out of style and allows your imagination to run wild. This bunk features wide steps and a handrail for comfortable climbing in and out of bed. While capable of sleeping adults, our bunk beds really shine when the kids come to stay.

Two in One Trundler Beds

Get two guest beds for the space of one with our Emerson Trundler Bed. By day it's a single king bed sitting in the spare bedroom. By night our Emerson Trundler transforms into two comfy guest beds. The ingenious design of trundler beds consists of a main and lower bed

that sits atop four castor wheels and can be conveniently pulled out when needed.

Our trundler bed is the perfect solution for when the grandkids have been packed off to your place for a couple of nights, so mum and dad can have a "holiday" or for those impromptu sleepovers, every parent must deal with.

Beds with Built-in Storage

Guest rooms are a little like that junk drawer every kitchen has. When not in use, it becomes the storage place for all those bits and bobs around the house with no real home. So, keep clutter at bay in your spare room with a bed that features built-in storage.

Our Melve Bedframes answer the call of clutter in its stride with large drawers housed under the mattress. These drawers provide ample room for all your knick-knacks. If you have a stash of precious keepsakes that would make even the greediest dragon jealous, you'll want to opt for our Lift Up Mattress Base. With this base, the entire mattress lifts up,

providing storage space the size of the entire bed frame.

Create a More Permanent Guest Room

If you tend to have guests or just a partner that loves to snore, you may want to create a more permanent guest room with all the bells and whistles. Our Dallas Bed Frame and Nero Mattress are the Batman and Robin of guest bedroom bliss.

The Dallas frame offers affordable elegance with a plush bed headboard and sophisticated grey shade that will look the part in any design. Our Nero mattress provides exceptional support and comfort without breaking the bank. It features multiple layers of foam and a luxurious pillow top to ensure your guests (or you) sleep peacefully.


Keep Your Guests Happy with Target Furniture

Ensure you’re the hostess with the mostest by furnishing your spare room with the perfect guest bed from Target Furniture. From bunks beds for the kiddos and clever storage beds for the hoarders, we have a bed to fit every guestroom. Browse our selection online or visit one of our locations for an up-close look today!

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