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Storage Furniture Solutions to Maximise Your Space

In today's fast-paced world, space has become a precious commodity. Whether you live in a cosy apartment or a sprawling mansion, finding effective storage furniture solutions to maximise your space is essential. With the right furniture pieces and clever organisational techniques, you easily tame the clutter in your home. Discover how you can enhance functionality and aesthetics with the following storage solutions.


Make the Most of Every Nook

Never underestimate any space in your home; even the tiniest nooks or smallest hallways are brimming with storage potential if you choose the right furniture.

Hallway furniture is often treated much the same as the hallways themselves; brushed past and never really given much thought. However, a well-placed hall table is a fantastic way to add style and extra storage to your home. Our Atlantic Console Table features brushed acacia and glossy white drawers, offering ample storage, a relaxed style, and a warm welcome—perfect for your entryway.


Sweep it Under the Bed

The space under your bed isn't just for the Boogieman! With the right approach, it can become a treasure trove of additional storage space. You can use this unused space by choosing a bed with built-in storage.

Our Foster Queen Bed Frame is a clever bedroom storage furniture solution that will help maximise every inch of your room. This bed frame has your headboard working double time, with built-in shelves perfect for stashing away all your nighttime necessities. Built-in drawers under the bed make a good home for sheets, clothing, or anything else that would otherwise be cluttering up your bedroom.


Mix and Match with Modular Storage Solutions

When creating extra storage in your home, versatility is key, and nothing screams versatility more than our Woodwall Cubes. These modular storage cubes allow you to tailor your solutions to your needs. With an array of sizes and configurations available, these cubes offer a world of possibilities for organising your space. Whether you're looking to create a sleek bookshelf, a functional TV stand, or a practical bedside table, modular storage cubes can be arranged, rearranged, stacked, or connected to bring your vision to life. Want to change the layout? Just rearrange them to suit your evolving needs. This level of adaptability is especially valuable when you want your storage solution to grow and evolve with you.


Coffee Tables Are for More Than Just Coffee

It's safe to say almost every living room has a coffee table, so why give it double-duty and choose one with built-in storage? More than just a place to kick your feet up or leave your cuppa, Our Atlantic Coffee Table offers style and storage.

This coffee table features hidden compartments underneath the tabletop, allowing you to store magazines, remote controls, or even board games. You can maintain a cleaner and more clutter-free living space by incorporating hidden storage into your coffee table.


Set Your Storage Ambitions a Little Higher

With limited storage space, thinking outside the box isn't enough; you must think above it! Embracing vertical space with storage furniture, such as wall-mounted shelves, is a fantastic way to create extra storage without wasting valuable floor area. Shelves are a great storage savour for bedrooms, living rooms, and kitchens. You can make the most of every nook and cranny in your home by utilising vertical wall space.


Create Multipurpose Storage Magic

When space is scarce, you combine rooms a bit, your living room becomes more of a dining/living, and your furniture should match this multipurpose vibe.

Sideboards like our Leida Buffet are the ideal solution for multipurpose spaces. Traditionally buffet tables are placed in the dining or living rooms for storing dinnerware. However, our Leida Buffet can just as easily act as a tv stand, hallway console or side table, offering ample storage and a relaxed oak finish that seamlessly blends into any existing decor. Thinking outside the box is key when creating clever storage solutions with your furniture.


Conquer Clutter with Storage Solutions from Target Furniture

Adequate storage is your best defence against the trials and tribulations of a chaotic household. And with these clever storage furniture solutions, you'll be able to wave goodbye to clutter and say hello to a home where organisation reigns supreme.

From bed frame storage that'll make the Boogieman jealous to modular storage cubes whose only limit is your imagination, Target Furniture has a range of storage furniture to suit your home's needs!

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