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Choosing a Bed that Fits Your Home and Family

Updated: May 25, 2023

Choosing a Bed that Fits Your Home and Family

If you're feeling a little like Goldilocks, with each bed in your home feeling too small or too big or too soft or too firm, we're here to help you choose a bed that works for you. Use this guide to choose the perfect bed for every room in your home.

A Bed That Fits Right for Everyone

If you're struggling to get a good night's sleep, your bed may be to blame. But don't worry, we've got you covered. Explore our selection of the best beds to meet your every need, and start sleeping like a baby again.

Beds for the Primary Bedroom

Bold is back with a bang in the primary bedroom. Large, elegant beds with towering headboards are very much in right now. These heftier figures that would swallow up smaller rooms are right at home in the primary bedroom, anchoring the space.

Our Tosca Bed Frame offers plush elegance that’s as stylish as it is comfortable. The low-profile frame paired with a high headboard accentuates verticality, giving the space a grand feel. If your current frame doesn't have a bed headboard, we also have stand-alone options like our Sloane Headboard.

The Perfect Beds for Your Little Ones

The smaller size of kids' bedrooms can have you pulling your hair out choosing a perfect bed. Here at Target Furniture, we offer a range of multifunctional kids' beds that make clever use of limited space while offering a cosy night's sleep.

Our Emerson Trundle Bed is fantastic for creating an extra bed when impromptu sleepovers spring up. Slide the second bed out from underneath the top one when needed. Our Casey Bunk Bed is another excellent sleepover solution. These bunk beds free up floor space by taking advantage of the vertical space within your kid's room.

Guest Bed’s for Extra Visitors

Price and practicality should be priorities when choosing a guest room bed. These beds will see less use and might not cater to one person's sleep needs.

Nothing screams practicality more than our Kitset Bases. These highly versatile and functional bed frames come boxed, so you won't struggle to haul them into bedrooms or upstairs. Apartment dwellers can breathe a sigh of relief.

Continuing with this convenience, our Nero Plus Boxed Mattress offers a cosy night's sleep in a package that will fit through any door or up any stairs. If you live in an apartment that seems completely inaccessible for your bed frame and mattress, our box bases and mattresses are your solutions.

The Importance of a Good Night's Sleep Shouldn't be Underestimated

Sufficient, quality sleep is often one of the first things we lose when life gets busy. But we all need sleep! While sleeping, your body is busy rebuilding muscle and removing toxins from your brain. Ensuring you catch enough Zs every night is vital to a healthy lifestyle.

Let Target Furniture Tuck You in Tonight

At Target Furniture, you will surely find a bed that fits every bedroom, whether for the kids, yourself, or the guest room. Choosing a bed has never been easier, thanks to Target Furniture. Shop our bedroom collection today to see why.

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