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Why Bedside Tables are the Most Versatile Bedroom Furnishing

White bedroom furniture nz

Bedside tables are one of the most versatile pieces of furniture you can buy. With modern life and technology allowing people to work, play, and relax throughout the day from bed, a sturdy piece of furniture for your necessary amenities is important. Below, we’re exploring the best uses for bedside tables and how they can be used to enhance your lifestyle.


A classic bedside table idea is to place your reading or decorative lamp on top of it. A dramatic contrast between your table and lamp can make your bedroom pop. A bedside table with a sturdy base can be especially important depending on the size and shape of your lamp. You don’t want anything toppling over just as you get to the best part of your book! The Tipaz 2 Drawer Bedside table would be an excellent choice with its black steel legs giving you peace of mind as to its stability.

Electronics Station

Alarm clocks, phones, charging stations, laptops, e-readers, and other electronic devices are becoming commonplace around bedtime for the modern way of living. Create an organised digital setup on your bedside table for your most necessary devices for work or play. This is where a good wide bedside table comes in handy. A wide bedside table provides enough space for your preferred technology setup.

Natural Decorations

Introduce a bit of natural tranquility into your bedroom design by placing some houseplants on your bedside table. A low-light house plant can help you relax, purify the air, and compliment the aesthetics of your bedroom. Especially paired with the mountain ash stylings of the Larvik 2 Drawer Bedside table, a house plant will create a serene atmosphere that is hard to beat.

Beverages and Snacks

Turn your bed into a fully serviced entertainment hub where you can chill out and relax. Whether you’re binge-watching your favourite TV Show, settling in for a movie night, or reading the newspaper in the morning, a place to put snacks and beverages is a must. A bedside table is the best place for a hot cup of cocoa or your fresh bag of popcorn as it keeps these delicious treats close by while your cosied up in bed. Consider a matching coaster that will look right at home on your bedside table, even when not in use.


An underrated aspect of bedside tables is their use as additional storage for the bedroom. Some, such as the Chia 3 Drawer Bedside table, provide an excellent amount of storage for putting your extra linen, books, clothes, jewellery, and anything else you want close at hand around bedtime. A bedside table with this kind of deep storage can save you from having to buy additional storage furnishing that will take up too much space in your bedroom.

Cream bedside table with oak top and sliver handles

Art and Accomplishments

A little pride is important, so a place to display your achievements and be reminded of them every day can be a fantastic motivator! Bedside tables can hold your University Degree, your magnum opus painting from the art class, or the heirloom item that’s been in your family for generations. Display these items where you can wake up and see them every day for the motivation to start your day on the right note. An elegant, neutral design like the Melve 2 Drawer Bedside table will help these special items stand out and get the attention they deserve.

Discover the Benefits of a Quality Bedside Table

When buying furniture, buy high-quality with one of the best suppliers of furniture in NZ. Target Furniture provides a diverse range of bedside tables that will suit your needs and unique uses. Shop our easy online store today and discover how a bedside table can enhance your lifestyle.

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