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When Should You Get a New Mattress?

Updated: Apr 5, 2022

Your mattress is the most important piece of bedroom furniture that you own. Essential for a good nights’ sleep, a mattress needs to be in good condition to provide all the support and comfort you need.

So, when should you get a new mattress to replace your existing one? Keep an eye out for these common mattress failure points and other reasons you might be looking to buy a new mattress.


Regular Timing

In general, the lifespan of your typical mattress will be 6-8 years of consistent use. By then, a standard mattress will be deteriorating and may no longer offer optimal sleep performance. This time frame can vary depending on the quality and construction of your specific mattress.

This is a good reminder to buy a mattress you can trust, such as the Prestige Elite! This plush mattress features a pillowtop for comfort while it’s pocket spring design offers excellent support. What’s more, it comes with a 10-year warranty, so you can be confident it will perform beyond the lifespan of an average mattress.



Sagging is one of the most obvious signs a mattress is past its prime. This occurs when the mattress begins to lose its structural integrity. It can be noticed visually or felt as you move toward or away from the centre of the mattress.

Sagging can be harmful to sleepers by putting bodies into unnatural positions during bedtime. When the sagging becomes noticeable, replace your mattress as soon as possible!


Your Sleep Situation is Changing

It’s not the mattress; it’s you! Maybe you’re moving to a new space and want a more suitable bed, or you could be starting to share a bed and need to upsize. Whatever the reason, invest in a mattress that will withstand daily use, such as the Nero Mattress! This budget-friendly option provides excellent longevity with pocket springs and a 5-year warranty.


You’ve Been Waking Up Sore

Another sign you are overdue for a mattress change is if you have been regularly waking up with muscle or joint soreness. Among other possible causes, this could be due to a mattress that no longer supports your body type. You may no longer have the right firmness, or the support may no longer be evenly distributed.



Is your hay fever season lasting year-round? It might just be your mattress causing those irritating sniffles!

As mattresses age, they begin to shed micro-fibres and dust that can float into your nasal passage while you sleep, leading to a fit of sneezing and sniffling in the morning. Get yourself a new mattress that will hold itself together and lead to a much more pleasant waking experience.



Creaking, groaning, ripping, and springing are all sounds that you won’t hear from a healthy mattress. If your mattress sounds like an out-of-tune orchestra, the time has come for a new one! These sounds typically come from internal systems in the mattress as they weaken.

It isn’t just an annoying sound, either; noisiness also means the mattress may no longer support your body properly.


Get a Mattress that is Built to Last

Just as important as knowing when to replace your mattress is knowing where to find a great replacement. Target Furniture provides high-quality mattresses designed to offer you a great night’s sleep. Shop our convenient online store today to find quality mattresses and bases in a range of firmness levels and styles.

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