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Five Ways to Organise Your Bedroom

You’re probably not royalty, but your bedroom is still your kingdom. So, it’s about time you act like it! That means deciding what to do with that ever-growing pile of laundry creeping across the floor, finding space for your excessive book collection, and finally figuring out where that mountain of shoes will go. Below, we’ve suggested five ways to organise your bedroom and make it fit for the kings and queens in your home.


Choose a bed with Built-in Storage

Your largest piece of bedroom furniture also happens to be the most underutilised for organisation. If you’re in the market for a new bed frame, consider options with built-in storage. Our Lift Up Mattress Base adds a whole other wardrobe below your bed, giving you the space you need to hide those knick-knacks you can’t bear to part with. A more subtle solution is our Larvik bed frame which features two drawers at the foot of a bed to help organise bedroom clutter.


Take Advantage of the Space Under Your bed

White Single Bed Frame With Drawers,

It’s time to kick the monsters out from under your bed and replace them with storage! If buying a whole new bed frame isn’t practical, under-bed storage units are a fantastic way to organise your bedroom by taking advantage of the unused space. Our Emerson Under Bed Storage Drawer is a great way to get more mileage out of the horizontal space in your room. You can use these drawers as an extension of your closet, rotating seasonal items between the wardrobe and the drawers.


Add Multi-purpose Bedroom Bench

A multi-purpose bedroom bench that doubles as a storage unit is a great way to make the most out of the furniture in your room. Our Woodwall bench seat can be placed at the foot of your bed and serve as a place to sit while also storing everyday bedroom clutter like blankets and pillows that aren’t in use.


Use a Laundry Basket to Keep Dirty Clothes Under Control

Dirty clothes belong in the washing room, but they don’t always make it there immediately. Keeping a laundry basket in or beside your wardrobe will help keep clothes off the floor and out of sight until laundry day. Laundry baskets are compact, easy to match with existing décors, and a great way to organise your bedroom.


Install Vertical Shelving

Vertical shelving is a fantastic way to display art, houseplants, and books that would otherwise take over your dresser or bedside table. Floating shelves like the Woodwall floating cube set make for a sleek minimalist look that will fit any modern décor. Corner shelves can take advantage of often useless bedroom space.


Create a Bedroom fit for Royalty with Target Furniture

Whether you are hanging shelves or DIYing under-bed storage, these are just a few ways to organise your bedroom. Target Furniture can help you tidy your bedroom with a versatile range of storage products. Browse online today for the furniture you need to turn your bedroom into your personal paradise!


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