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Find Out Why Renew Is The Right Mattress For You And The Environment.

Is it the memory foam that gently supports your body? Or the gel-infused memory foam layer that creates a cushioned, more comfortable sleeping environment? Perhaps it’s the upcycled cover created from recycled plastic removed from the ocean? Discover why more people prefer the Renew Mattress for sustainable sleep!

Give Yourself the Gift of a Peaceful Sleep with Renew

Shop till you drop off to sleep with the Renew Mattress! This exceptionally comfortable foam sleep surface is mindfully constructed with breathable fabric and smashes renewability goals with a certified eco-friendly Seaqual fabric cover. Taking plastics retrieved from the ocean and mixing natural fibres, Seaqual has constructed a soft and sustainable fabric that supports the environment - and your sleeping patterns.

Comfort That Doesn’t Compromise

The Renew Mattress features a layer of Gel-infused memory foam designed to cushion your body and stop you from overheating. Whether you are a side or a back sleeper, or you like to mix it up, you will drift off to dreamland cradled in all the right places. Perfect for couples who are different heights and weights, the Renew support system evens out the playing field - so you both get what you want in bed! You will always wake up on the right side of the bed with the Renew Mattress, Thoughtfully packaged in a box that is super easy to transport - so you don’t have to wait for delivery.

Smart Sleep Science

The Renew Mattress combines sustainable sleep and cutting edge technology with comfortable layers that boost the antibacterial quality of your mattress. Working overtime while you relax, the Renew Mattress range lets you enjoy breakfast in bed with luxurious support, and keeps you cool and comfortable all the way through the night. You will even welcome the tiny tearaways in the morning with a mattress that can handle a few extra bodies without compromising on heavenly peace.

Sweet Dreams Are Sweeter With Renew

Living your best life is all about making smart choices for you and the environment. You can’t go past a 5 Year guarantee on components and cover defects, and you will definitely sleep with a clearer conscience when you treat yourself to the rest you deserve with the Renew Mattress range. Remember, the clever box reduces packaging, and when you shop the eco-friendly Renew Mattress, you can rest easy knowing that your mattress is working hard to save the planet while you sleep.


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