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The Benefits of a Headboard for a Great Night’s Sleep

So, you have a quality bed base, a comfy mattress, and you’ve even gone out and found some nice bedding, but what about the headboard? A bed headboard is an often overlooked yet crucial component of a good night’s sleep. Below, we discuss the benefits of a headboard and why you should consider getting one for your bed.


Provides Extra Neck and Back Support

Your bed isn’t just for sleep. Many of us spend meaningful time sitting up in bed. We enjoy reading, scrolling through socials, or even the occasional breakfast in bed. That means we’re relying on our headboards to provide meaningful back and neck support.

Cushioned headboards, like our luxuriously soft Andie headboard, are perfect for those who like to spend a little more time in bed than most. Its plush foam padding makes it easier and more comfortable to sit upright in bed, perfect for late-night book worms or a morning cuppa.


Pillows Stay put

Without a headboard, your pillows can drift in several directions overnight. Restless sleepers often wake to find their pillows wedged between the mattress and the wall. A headboard will offer more support keeping your pillow where it should be. Fabric headboards also provide some added traction.


Keep the Cold Away

Temperature control plays a crucial role in the quality of your sleep. If you’re experiencing chills at night, a headboard can help keep your room warmer by providing further insulation between you and the wall. Its original use was to keep people warm in poorly insulated homes, a benefit of headboards that Kiwis still enjoy today. A headboard will help you stay cosy and snuggled up during those cold winter nights.



One excellent benefit of a headboard is the added functionality to your bed. Like our Foster headboard, some headboards come with shelves or other storage options. These shelves allow you to store night necessities or charge your phone by the bed without a bedside table. A headboard like this is a great way to add functionality to a bedroom that may be tight on space.


Elevate Your Bedroom Décor

A new headboard is a great way to elevate your bedroom décor and create a centerpiece within your room. Available in various materials and designs, a headboard will make your bed stand out from the wall in more ways than one. Our Tipaz headboard, with its rustic blackwood live edge, can add style to any bedroom. If you’re after an easy and cost-effective way to give your room a makeover, you should be looking for a headboard.


Experience the Benefits of a Headboard Yourself

If you’re in a headboard headspace after finding out about all the benefits headboards can have for you, check out target furniture. We offer a range of headboards to suit whatever style, needs, or functionality you need.

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