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What is an Ottoman, and How Can it Be Used?

Updated: Jun 9, 2022

What is an ottoman? For many, it’s the secret to living room versatility! An ottoman looks like a couch missing its arms and backrests. These are notoriously underused yet versatile pieces of furniture that can add a touch of class, sophistication, and the all-important opportunity to kick your feet up after a long day. But the ottoman is more than just a footrest; with a little bit of outside the box thinking, your ottoman can offer you a variety of uses.


The Perfect Place to Kick Your Feet up

Comfortable cushioning and a low profile make ottomans the perfect footrest. Add an ottoman that matches the colour and style of your sofa suite for maximum comfort and style.

Alternately, you can use an ottoman to create a cosy reading corner or a relaxation space away from the living room and the hive of activity that typically surrounds it. Our Fallon chair with an ottoman is perfect for creating your escape within your home to kick your shoes off and curl up with a good book.


Handy for Extra Seating

Whether you’re inviting the guys over to watch the game or the ladies over for a wine and cheese night, they’ll need somewhere to sit. Being caught shorthand on seating arrangements is never a good feeling and can be avoided by keeping an ottoman on hand. The ottoman can transition easily from footrest to seat and save the day from awkward standing around the next time you have guests.

Our Malone Ottoman boasts a large and sturdy base, lush fabrics, and soft cushioning, ensuring guests are just as comfortable as they would be on the couch. Have kids? This ottoman has plenty of room for your little ones to sprawl out and enjoy afternoon cartoons.


Add a Touch of Comfort to Your Outdoor Area

Bring the creature comforts of your living room outside with an outdoor ottoman! Having spent so much of the past two years locked inside, Kiwis are rediscovering nature with outdoor living spaces. Enhance your backyard with our Palermo Outdoor ottoman, with its sturdy wooden frame in honey wood tones and durable fabric cushion. This ottoman can add a touch of comfort to your outdoor living area.


Turn Your Ottoman into a Coffee Table

If you have an ottoman, it’s probably already in front of the lounge suite; so why not double your ottoman up as a coffee table? By replacing your traditional coffee table with an ottoman, you’ll soften the space and create a cosy living space. Our Elyse Ottoman is a suitable height, large enough to fit a coffee tray comfortably and firm enough to keep everything steady.


Discover Even More Uses for Ottomans

An ottoman is typically used as a footrest but has the potential for so much more. With a little bit of Kiwi ingenuity and clever design, an ottoman can become a multifunction must-have for easy living. No matter what you want to use it for, Target Furniture has an ottoman that will suit your needs. browse your range of quality ottomans today.

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