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Dining Room Furniture Ideas: Should You Mix or Should You Match?

To match or not to match, that is the question! Current trends in dining room furniture suggest that mismatched furniture has become just as popular as matching furniture’s timeless appeal.

Whether you believe dining tables and chairs should be companions or twins, we've crafted the ultimate guide for mix-and-match dining room furniture ideas. Check it out below!


Matching Dining Room Furniture for a Coherent, Polished Look

Matching dining sets are the cake mix of dining room furniture ideas; they’re easy to pull off and can look truly beautiful if you choose the right one! While some modern designers look more toward mixing and matching to achieve their desired looks, we know that matching furniture sets still have plenty to offer. Here are a few of our favourite ways to use matching dining sets and why you should consider them for your design.

Create Cohesion with Matching Dining Room Furniture

A dining set’s more polished and put-together look is often preferred when dealing with traditional decors and formal settings. Our Haven Dining Set, for example, provides a cohesive look and ensures that all the elements in the room are in balance. The dark walnut hues of this dining set feel right at home in a classic or period aesthetic, and the upholstered seats are a great way to tie in living room furniture to further the harmony of your design.

Matching Sets Make for a Cosier Space

Large dining rooms may feel daunting, like when you sit down for a board meeting rather than a family dinner. Matching chairs and tables are a great option to soften up a large space. Matching dining sets can give the illusion that the furniture takes up more space and visually ties the room together, making it feel more intimate and inviting.


Mismatched Dining Room Furniture for Eclectic, Stylish Personality

A perfectly styled dining room doesn’t always come right out of the box. Mixing and maxing dining room furniture can give a space character and soul and better reflect those who designed it. Explore some of our favourite mismatched dining room furniture ideas.

Unify Furniture Under the Same Theme

You can unify mismatched dining room furniture under a shared theme. Utilising various pieces that all fall under one look is a great way to design a mix-and-match dining room that looks put together, not thrown together.

To give a formal dining room a fun twist, go for a modern meets antique look. Combine antique velvet seating with a sleek glass table for a mix-and-match design that is graceful and decidedly contemporary.

Mix and Match with Colour

Create Cohesion with Colour

By sticking to a single colour, you can align an unruly mix of dining furniture shapes, styles, and finishes. When you use the same colour for multiple standout designs, they can all command attention without overpowering each other.

While colour can bridge a wide gap when working with mismatched dining room furniture,

you should aim to maintain a common language between the shapes of the table and chairs. Take our Leida & Carson Set, for example; this set carries the rounded feel of the table through to the chairs curved backs.

Same Chairs, Different Colours

A splash of colour has long been a staple in our wardrobes, and that advice also crosses over into our dining room design. You can put your mix-and-match stamp on a basic set of chairs by painting them in different colours. When adding colour, the trick is to choose colours with the same value, like all pastels or a collection of earthy tones. Alternatively, buddy up colours by painting two to three chairs and leaving the rest neutral.

If going with coloured chairs, a neutral table is a no-fail way to keep everything cohesive. Our Industrial Table's neutral wood hue provides the perfect stage for a collection of coloured chairs to shine on.

Match Materials

If you love hunting for vintage chairs or enjoy a little difference in design, a great way to build a set from seemingly random chairs is to match the materials. For example, a thread that pulls the items together is key when mixing and matching dining room furniture.

Bring together differently shaped items like our Ava and Watson Chairs through their shared polyester ancestry. While different in design and colour, the fabric of these chairs allows them to slot into the same dining set seamlessly.


Mix and Match with Target Furniture

With this guide on styling mix-and-match dining room furniture, you can avoid the cookie-cutter designs ripped straight out of a catalogue and embrace a style that is all your own. By coordinating a few key elements, you can combine just about anything. Explore the Target Furniture range online today and start creating a dining room of your design.

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