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Location, location, location - does it really matter when choosing your outdoor furniture?

Your outdoor furniture is just as susceptible to the weather as you are - so how do you choose the right furniture that will make itself at home in your environment?

White round outdoor dining table with two wicker outdoor dining chairs

New Zealand is crazy beautiful - but kind of crazy full stop when it comes to weather, (hello, four seasons in a day). Up and down the country, we’ve got everything from heat waves to chilly rain, and snowy peaks to sandy beaches and coastal cliffs - and your furniture definitely knows the difference.

That sunny, salt-in-the-face lifestyle may suit your skin, but it doesn’t suit all kinds of furniture - so how do you know what to pick for your pad?

First things first: Where in the country do you live?

Every corner of the country faces different environmental challenges (which is also what makes it so magical), so it’s time to look outside at your would-be summer palace and consider the following elements that your furniture may have to deal with.

Heavy rains or frost - This might be all of NZ at some point in the year (it sure feels like it) but some places take a real beating and feel a bit soggy for some kinds of furniture. Ironically, rain and some outdoor furniture materials just don’t play well together. This is where protection is key. Outdoor furniture is designed to withstand the odd shower, but not full-blown downpours on the regular or exposure to wild weather including snow and sleet. But it’s an easy fix with a quality (well ventilated) furniture cover, leaving you free to pick what furniture you want!

Extreme heat or sun - Lucky you if you get lots of this! We’ve got sunspots all over New Zealand, and they can absorb a lot of heat in the summer months, which means you won’t be the only one getting a tan. Your furniture is going to absorb that heat and direct sunlight, too, and some materials will need a lot more attention than others to withstand the damaging effects of the suns rays.

Avoiding the heat

Aluminium furniture is hot (in more ways than one) if it’s going to be sitting in direct sunlight, but there is a solution! If your pad is particularly sunny, positioning your aluminium sets under a covered area, gazebo or even under one of our chic umbrella shades will keep it cool all summer long. Not only does an umbrella keep you sheltered from the hottest parts of the day, but your choice of shade can also add a pop of brilliant colour to your aesthetic or can blend in beautifully to your neutral tones. Your choice - and there are a few to select from!

What if I live by the ocean?

Oh, I do like to be beside the seaside (but some furniture does not.)

If you are one of the fortunate few to have a bach or home with an ocean view, or the sea on your doorstep (jealous), you’ll want to make sure that you’re picking appropriately coastal furniture in NZ oceanside towns. The salty air can age and erode certain materials prematurely without proper care and consideration.

For dining chair solutions that are hardy against the harsh kiwi sun and low maintenance in coastal areas, resin dining chairs are our pick!

Mix and match them with your favourite table, taking into account what kind of shade, cover or oiling maintenance you’ll be happy to stay on top of.

And if you love life in the low maintenance lane, you’ll love the Venus range (for more reasons than one), which is perfect for both the bach that sees you once a year and your regular home for everyday lounging and dining. It needs minimal care and attention, just the normal cover solution when you’re not using it. Its modular versatility is just the tip of its appeal and can create an L or U shape to create the perfect layout for all your relaxation, dining and entertainment needs. Talk about lifestyle furniture you can actually live on. (We definitely do - no judgement.)

That’s it! Your dreamscape of a summer pad is really what you make of it, but our general rule of thumb is that you can create any furniture setup your heart sets itself on - with a little cover and care.

For more drool-worthy summer staycation options to suit your natural backyard, check out our entire outdoor range in-store or online.

Bring on the sun!

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