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Living Room Arrangement Ideas to Enhance Your Space

Living Room Arrangement Ideas to Enhance Your Space

The living room is the heart of your home, but arranging it can feel like putting together a puzzle where half the pieces are missing and the other half are from a different set. Often, you throw a sofa here, an armchair over there, and wedge a coffee table somewhere in between. Many people line their living room walls with sofas, chairs, and a bookshelf and drop a coffee table in the middle. Making it all fit can be a challenge. Fortunately, a few spatial design techniques can make a big difference!

To help you decipher your Rubik’s cube of a living room, we’ve rounded up some of the best living room arrangement ideas that are sure to inspire.


Choose a Focal Point and Build Around it

Never underestimate the power of a focal point when arranging your living room. Focal points might appear naturally, with a prominent bay window or built-in fireplace, but you will sometimes need to create one yourself. A funky TV stand makes for a fantastic focal point, as can a stylish coffee table or even an immaculate view framed in the living room window. Whatever you decide to make your focal point, stick to it! The rest of your lounge furniture grows out from this point.


Ensure Flexibility in Your Arrangement

Whether you’re entertaining a gaggle of kids during a sleepover or transforming your living room into the hottest nightclub on a Saturday night, your arrangement should be flexible enough to cater to several potential guests. Fill an empty corner with a lightweight armchair that you can move into the sitting area if needed. Additionally, pieces like ottomans or stools can serve as side tables for drinks or seating for guests.


Don’t Push Your Furniture out to the Edges

Contrary to popular belief, casting your furniture out to the edges of the room is not the best way to maximise space in a small living room. When your furniture is flush against the wall, it creates an awkward space in the middle of the room that highlights the cramped dimensions. Instead, an ideal living room arrangement idea for small areas is to pull the chairs and sofas towards the middle of the room to give the space a little breathing room.


Use the Right Sized rug

Rugs can help unify seating areas and stop them from getting swallowed by the space of larger open-plan living rooms. However, it’s important to remember that rugs belong under your furniture—all of it! When incorporating a rug into your design, it should be big enough to fit all your furniture on top of it, or at the very least, ensure the front legs of large pieces like sofas are on the rug.


Putting it all Together

When coming up with living room arrangement ideas, you must juggle form, function, and style while keeping an eye on affordability. While mastering this trifecta may seem impossible, Target Furniture is here to help. We offer a wide range of living room furniture solutions to fit any arrangement you need.

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