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How to Decorate Your Hallway - Furnishings & Styles

Updated: May 25, 2023

Believe it or not, your hallway contains a lot of design potential; you should know how to decorate a hallway and use this small space to your advantage. From hall tables to bookcases, we have rounded up some of the best decorating ideas to help your transform your hallways into spaces to cherish.


A Place to Sit

Hallways are the in-between spaces of our homes, helping connect the dots between different rooms. This impermanence can make it difficult to know how to use these areas. Nonetheless, hallways can be functional spaces! A bench seat is a great way to define the role of your entryway hall as a place to sit down and kick your shoes off. Our Colby Shoe Storage Bench Seat provides a stylish, low-profile place to sit and store your footwear. Transform your hallway from a transition space to a spot you can stop and enjoy!


Get Organised with Hallway Storage

Entryways are prone to clutter from shoes, bags, umbrellas, and everything else you shed at the door, making hallway storage essential to tidiness. Congested passageways can stifle your home’s sense of openness. A small storage table like our Industrial Console Table will help pack as much functionality as possible into your hallway design.


Add a Touch of Personality with Hall Tables

Even though these spaces are the decorative tone setters for the rest of your home, how you decorate a hallway is an often-overlooked question. So, it’s high time we start showing these hardworking hallways a little design love; one easy way to do so is with a console table.

Decorating a simple hall table like our Melve Console Table with small pieces like table lamps, vases, and bowls can create a great statement piece. These little design scenes add something to capture the attention of guests and provide a punch of personality in an otherwise empty space. This table is narrow enough to feature anywhere in your hallway without disrupting foot traffic.


Create a Mini Library

Are you a bookworm who hasn’t jumped on the eBook bandwagon yet? You’re probably struggling to find space for all those paperbacks and hardcovers. Well, have you considered your hallway? These neglected hallway spaces make for great nook libraries. Incorporate our Paris Low Bookcase into your hallway and create a practical storage solution and unique statement piece for your hallway design. What better way to recall your exquisite literary tastes every time you pass from one room to another?


Your Hallway is a Blank Canvas; Get Creating!

Perhaps the most underrated area of your home, the humble hallway, deserves your attention when decorating. It may only be a space you rush through on your way to your home’s more important spaces. However, it’s still a space you utilise every day. With a bit of decoration, your hallway can quickly become a standout feature of your home. We’ve shown you how to decorate a hallway. Now, it’s time to swing by Target Furniture and get started!

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