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How to Decorate Your Display Cabinet and Create Stylish Compositions

Updated: May 25, 2023

Display cabinets do more than just store your crockery. You can transform your cabinet into a snapshot of style and experiences through clever compositional techniques. With our help, you can learn how to decorate a display cabinet and make use of this often-underused piece of living room furniture. We’ll explain how to choose the right display cabinet for your space and offer some handy tips to display your decorative items stylishly.


Choosing the Right Display Cabinet for Your Space

Before we can discuss how to decorate a display cabinet, it’s important to understand what type of cabinets there are and what will best suit your space.

Consider Something Slim

Look for a design with a slimmer profile if a chunky cabinet would swamp your living room. Our Woodwall Ladder Bookshelf is a slim cabinet solution perfect for those awkward spaces, adding storage and style while looking the part in every corner of the house.

Aim a Little Higher

In rooms where space is a scarce resource, you may want to consider mounting your cabinet on the wall to preserve floor space. Our Woodwall Floating Cube Set takes advantage of the unused vertical space within a room. This incredible piece of NZ Furniture will allow you to create an artistic display without taking up precious floor space.

Sometimes Bigger is Better

With clever design, your display cabinet can become a statement piece within your home, so why not make it a big statement? With its grand scale and oak finish, our Larvik Bookcase demands attention and will draw the eye towards your beautiful display.


Display Cabinet Composition

How to decorate a display cabinet comes down to composition. The purpose of composition is to capture attention, direct the eyes around the scene, and establish visual balance. Here are our composition tips for your displays.


A balance of shades and textures is a must for a dramatic, eye-catching cabinet. Contrast helps display items stand out. Dark pieces will work nicely if your cabinet is lighter or white, such as our Paris Display Unit.

Colour Palette

When looking at your colour palette, we recommend beginning with three foundational colours and building from there. Try and weave the same colours through your cabinet to give the eye something to follow up and down the display.

Scale and Height

You will want to include items of different heights and scales to prevent your composition from coming across flat. Utilising objects of varying heights helps create a sense of movement and prevents your display cabinet from appearing one note.


You are the Stylist

While we have given you some pointers on how to decorate a display cabinet, the brush is in your hand, and you can paint it however you please! Display cabinets should be a reflection of you and your style. To find a display cabinet to fit your home, shop our selection online at Target Furniture. Our range of quality display cabinets offer quality and style for a wealth of interiors.

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