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Furniture Gift Ideas – Our 2021 Holiday Gift Guide

The holiday season is around the corner, and the scramble to get your friends and family gifts is well underway. Make it easy for yourself with our furniture gift ideas! With the huge variety of furnishings available, these products make fantastic gifts for a variety of different people. Sofas, recliners, Go Bars, and more — we discuss what makes a good piece of furniture for gifting and the products we recommend for 2021.

What Makes a Good Furniture Gift?

Versatility is key for furniture gifts, as you want to give the recipient as much freedom as possible on its use. Choosing mid-sized to small items typically works best so that it is easily moveable and can fit in most rooms, but if you know your friend or family needs a larger item like a bed or sofa, then that can work too.

For aesthetic style, you should try to match your friends’ or family members’ homes as much as possible. For example, if they have an older villa-style home, then wood finishes would work best. Or if they have a more contemporary style home, then going with fabric that has a muted colour could be a good choice.

Furniture Gift Ideas to Choose from in NZ

Now that we have the basics sorted, here are some great furniture gift ideas for your friends and family:

Venus Drinks Trolley and Outdoor Drinks Trays

The perfect gift for a regular home host who loves to throw dinner parties and have guests around. These Venus Trays and Trolleys can be used to serve food platters, your fav summer tipple, and more. The trolley takes the stress off the host allowing them to move a lot of refreshments very easily.

Xander Recliner

Do you know a Joey or Chandler who is in need of a beloved recliner chair? The Xander Recliner is a soft, dark textured recliner that mixes plush comfort with easy relaxation for one of the best pieces of furniture in NZ. Perfect as a seat in front of a TV in the lounge or for an apartment with limited space, this recliner will relieve stress on your back and legs, making it an excellent gift idea.

Keter Go Bar

Take the party with you with this ultimate summer accessory. This two-in-one portable drinks cooler & table combo is perfect for festivals, a day at the beach, backyard parties, and other lively events. With enough room for 15 cans and a lightweight construction, this is a great gift for someone who is looking to get out and about during summer.

Kombie Bunk Bed

Are you shopping for a new or young family and want to gift something that is just as fun as it is practical? Look no further than the Kombie Single Bunk Bed, a double-decker bus-styled bunk bed that any young kid would be thrilled to sleep in. Designed with an array of safety features such as wide steps and side rails, this bunk bed will give parents peace of mind. #BeepBeep...nothing but sweet dreams ahead!

Outdoor Beanbags

A fun gift that will suit kids and adults alike. Made from UV resistant and waterproof fabric, these outdoor beanbags will last outside on your deck or next to your pool. Available in many vibrant colours, you can use these comfortable beanbags to add some visual excitement to a friend’s backyard.

Koko Rocking Chair

Elegant, stylish, classic, and comfortable, the Koko rocking chair makes an excellent gift. Coming in a range of fun colours, these chairs offer young families a place to rock their young ones to sleep or to simply have a bit of quiet time. The design will suit nearly any living room, sunroom, or library, so you can be sure your friend or family member will have a place for this amazing chair.

Capri Daybed

A wicker daybed with a striking modern design, perfect for your friend’s outdoor patio or backyard courtyard. With a rust-resistant frame, this daybed can hold up to the elements and will last the recipient a long time. The round design comes with an adjustable shade — perfect for lounging next to a pool or as the place to read your favourite novels.

Shop for the Best Holiday Furniture Gifts

For all these items and more, shop at Target Furniture NZ. Our stock of indoor and outdoor furniture is top of the line in build quality and design. If you have any questions, our friendly team will be happy to suggest some more furniture gift ideas for your family and friends. Get in touch today.

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