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Creating Your Outdoor Staycation – Where To Start?!

Updated: Nov 17, 2021

Your Guide to Outdoor Furniture in NZ

Chilling out on a comfy couch is the bee’s knees…chilling on an outdoor couch is somehow even better! Whether you're lucky enough to have a spacious terrace or enjoy the charm of a cosy patio, here are a few tips to consider this outdoor summer season!


Mix and Match

Is your outdoor dining table in good condition but your dining chairs have seen better days? Why not keep the table and invest in new outdoor seats?

You’ve got the power…unlike many other outdoor retailers (we won’t name names), most of our furniture collection is available to be purchased piece by piece - not just in settings, giving you the option to start fresh or simply expand on what you already have!

outdoor sining setting with bench seats and chairs

Let your imagination fly for that Pinterest perfect outdoor setting, whether you want to inject some colour or create a monochromatic relaxed vibe …you do you, boo!

This summer and its style choice are all yours.


Size…really does matter!

You may LOVE the Primavera (we do, too), but will it definitely fit on your deck? If you fancy yourself to be the #HostessWithTheMostess, will that outdoor seating and table be large enough for your bubble and their entertainment needs?

Not only do you need to make sure that the outdoor furniture pieces you choose will fit into your outdoor space, but they also need to be big (or petite) enough to suit your lifestyle too! If you like lying back to tan on furniture, outdoor seating will need to be big enough for you to stretch out. Similarly, if you like your own company and don't fancy entertaining large crowds, do you really need a huge suite taking up all that space? Or just one or two awesome pieces you can choose from, leaving more room for activities or morning yoga in the sun?


Stay sun safe

We won’t give you a lecture on the harsh

kiwi sun, but it’s REALLY important to stay sun safe...not only will an umbrella or gazebo provide shade & protection (a.k.a peace of mind while the kids are hanging in the back yard) but the sight of one quite simply conjures up images of a holiday at a resort.

There’s something about an umbrella projected above the other pieces of outdoor furniture that looks downright fun and inviting, beckoning you to sit back and relax, maybe even sip a cocktail or icy beverage…bliss. Your outdoor living isn't just going to look snazzy, it's going to be safe, too.


Dress it up

Last but certainly not least…in a world of Kon Mari and minimalism for #SparkingJoy, let’s not forget to add a hint of personality!

Just like sprinkles or the cherry on top of a cake: colourful, carefully chosen outdoor accessories like cushions and rugs can add oomph and pizzazz to your outdoor furniture. But why stop there?!

Whether it be the Lazy Susan on your Miami table, the Venus outdoor drinks trolley for serving up your fav summer tipples, imagine how much more enjoyable these smaller items will make your outdoor experiences? We've got a whole range of goodies up our sleeve to add those finishing touches on your home resort.


Location location location

We cannot stress this enough – consider your climate!

Before you invest in outdoor furniture, find out how different materials will react to the outdoor elements to preserve their quality.

Living by the sea might be dreamy, but the salty air can do a number on certain outdoor furniture materials so always check where you are, and what you're shopping for in that environment.

Will your lounge or seating chairs be left in direct sun? If they are, it's best to avoid aluminium chairs that will absorb heat and could potentially become too hot to sit on or touch - ouch, furniture. Outdoor living in New Zealand doesn't have to be a minefield and more hassle than it's worth when you pick the right pieces.


Ready to get creative and dream up your perfect outdoor dining set or sunshine oasis?

Summer’s coming - it’s time to create the staycation space you'll want to stay home for.

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