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Our Buyer’s Top Picks To Create a Resort Worthy Summer

Updated: Feb 2, 2022

Hi guys! I’m Courtney, and I am on the buying team here in Target Furniture. We've worked super hard behind the scenes to design our outdoor collection for summer 21/22, so I’m stoked to share my personal top picks with you...let's jump straight into it shall we?

Boho vibes!

An obvious first choice and the top of my list this year…The Dario Egg Chair is THE perfect spot to hide away with a drink and a book on a summer’s night - and with its effortless Bohemian aesthetic, it feels like you could be in Bali! (I wish!). Sure to become your favourite me-time spot to slip away and watch the setting summer sun or early morning sunrises #bliss


Hello, Capri.

I just can’t get enough of our terrazzo-look, GRC (glass reinforced concrete) tables and benches in our Capri collection.

Just in case you have been living under a rock, GRC furniture is rising in popularity (and for good reasons) – it’s stylish, low maintenance and durable. AKA: the ‘holy grail’ combination when it comes to outdoor furniture.

If you’re concerned about the weight, don’t be. Thanks to constant advances in technology – you’ll find that GRC today is lighter, but still just as strong.

Not to mention the bench seating options in this range, which are perfect to fit all your pals around the table for those summer dinners around the citronella candles – espresso martini anyone?


Customisable comfort.

Outdoor living spaces come in all shapes and sizes - what works for one family is so different to what works for the next which is why I love the Venus collection. With a variety of individual modular pieces to choose from, you mix and match to create a configuration that suits your family’s needs - making it the ultimate in customisable comfort.

Whether you are looking for an outdoor lounge suite to fit your family of four or your family of twelve – you can create your own personalised setting with Venus.

Plus, you always have the option to add more pieces to your setting in the future if your family or space grows which is awesome.

The added bonus of this set? (Yes, there’s more.)

The Venus collection is made from, rust resistant aluminium making is lightweight for easy manoeuvring and low maintenance which is always plus in my eyes.


Gettin’ chunky with it.

I’m a sucker for an oversized lounge suite to sink into and soak up that vitamin D on a summer’s day. Deep seats and plush cushions make for ridiculously comfy lounging which is why I simply had to include the primavera outdoor lounge suite on my favs list for summer 21!

Court’s care tip:

Protect your wicker pieces by shading them with an umbrella in your choice of colour, so both you and your furniture can stay protected from those harsh kiwi elements.

Check out our wicker + aluminium furniture care kits to easily keep your outdoor lounge in tip-top shape for many summers to come.


And that’s it!

Some of my staycation favourites from this summer’s round-up. While this is my personal favourite list, with so much to choose from on the floor and online - you’re guaranteed to find pieces you’ll fall in love with easily with our range of gorgeous and practical furniture offerings this year. Take a peek for yourself and enjoy turning your place into a paradise!

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