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Finding the Perfect Armchair Design for Your Home

Updated: May 25, 2023

Armchairs are too often seen as the best supporting actor in the room, with your sofa soaking up the spotlight. But an armchair can be a star in its own right. The perfect armchair design is hard to come by, but it’s an absolute delight when you do. Big but not too big, stylish yet practical, and growing more comfortable with age.

While we can’t help you break in your latest living room addition, we can recommend some things to consider when hunting for that perfect armchair. Create that ideal cosy corner in your home with our complete guide to finding an armchair design that works for you.


What do you need your armchair for?

With so many different designs, shapes, and colours, it’s easy to miss the forest for the trees when choosing an armchair design that works in your space. When narrowing down your choices, a great place to start is considering how the chair will operate within the room.

A Chair for Rest and Relaxation

Are you searching for a cosy corner to unwind and indulge in some light reading? If this is the case, comfort should be your top priority. Consider how you like to sit. If you’re the feet-tucked-up type, a wide-seated armchair design like our Macey Swivel Chair is for you. This armchair offers plenty of room to settle down and sink in as you enjoy your favourite pastime.

A Chair for Sharing Stories

A pair of well-placed armchairs can create the perfect spot to sit and natter with a friend or share stories with the little people in your life. Our Darby Chair strikes the perfect balance between practical and pretty. With its deeply cushioned seat and back, you won’t have any problems settling in while you and your friends share the latest gossip. Yet it is sturdy enough to support kids clambering onto your lap, begging for “just one more story”!


Choose an armchair Goldilocks would approve of

Goldilocks was on to something when she criticised the three bears’ chairs for being too small or too big because size matters with armchair design! An armchair that is too large may overpower the room and make the area feel crowded. But opting for a smaller chair may not be the answer either. A larger room may swallow your armchair and make it feel out of place.


A Splash of Colour and a Dash of Personality

Introducing colour into your armchair design is a great way to add a touch of personality to your space. Shaking things up and adding some contrast to the room with a funky colour is always a blast. But if that feels too bold for you, no sweat; matching colours can be just as stunning.

Neutrals, beiges, and greys are always a slam dunk. Take our beige Phoebe Recliner, for example. This plug-and-play armchair will seamlessly fit into most existing interiors, blending in rather than standing out, which can be invaluable when working with a larger chair like this. However, if you're living with rambunctious little ones (or—let's be real—clumsy adults), the black version may be your best bet to hide marks and stains in busier family homes.


Material Can Make or Break Your Armchair Design

When picking an armchair design, you don't have to match the material to your other living room furniture. Mix it up a little! If you're all about ultimate snuggles, go for a lighter, softer fabric like velvet. Our Elyse Velvet Chair oozes decadence with plush cushioning wrapped in soft velvet that will make you want to curl up and stay awhile. But, if you've got furry friends at home, opt for something a little more durable, like leather or microfibre, to avoid claw or paw-related mishaps.


Armchairs and Coffee Tables, You Can’t Have One Without the Other

Armchairs and coffee tables go together like fish and chips; you can't have one without the other! But you can't just throw any old table into the mix. If you've opted for bolder armchairs, pair them with a quieter coffee table like our Melve Table. This table's neutral tones and sleek design will ensure the room doesn't feel too busy.

If you're working with a larger space, our Industrial Coffee Table will help ground your sitting area within the room. The chunky design and dark wood hues work well with subdued armchair designs or more elegant leathers and darker fabrics.


Create Your Own Cosy Corner with Target Furniture

Whether it’s a splash of colour, elegant shapes, or textured material, armchair designs are an opportunity to impart a little personality into your home. From the bold and brash to the quiet and cosy, Target Furniture has a wide selection of armchairs to match anyone’s personality and design flavour. Browse our range online or visit one of the stores to get up close and personal with your new armchair.

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