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The 5 Best Side Table Uses for Your Home

Updated: Feb 2, 2022

One of the most versatile pieces of furniture you can own, a side table is an essential furnishing for the modern home. But how should you use your occasional table? Below, we’ll explore some popular side table uses and recommend a few of our favourite occasional tables.

Display a Feature Piece

A particularly striking piece of art, a flourishing house plant, or a framed achievement, among others, might deserve its own pedestal in your home. Whatever the item, finding a prominent spot can be a challenge in a busy home. This is where a side table can be a huge help.

Place your occasional table next to the mantle in the living room, front and centre as a coffee table, or in the conjoining areas between your kitchen and lounge to display your prized possession proudly. A neutral, elegant table keeps the focus on the feature piece, such as the Cavo side table, made with firestone and brass.


Add an Accent to Your Hallway

Sometimes a full console table is too much for your hallway. This is where occasional tables can provide some of the same functional and aesthetic benefits with only a fraction of the space. Place it next to a door with a key bowl or punctuate an empty wall or corner space to show off a feature piece, adding depth and purpose to your hallway.


Provide a Spread for Guests

You don’t want your nibbles and drinks trapped in the dining room while hosting. Side tables are an excellent way to present food in almost any area in the house.

Serve hors d'oeuvres on the patio or bring everyone indoors for a platter next to the fireplace on a colder night. Either way, a good side table can be moved easily, so the food and drink can work around you. A stable geometric design like that of the Viva side table is perfect for this and lends itself nicely to a minimalist home design.


Enhance a Reading Alcove

Curling up in your special reading space is a real treat, especially if you have a cup of something delicious to go along with your book. Complete your reading alcove by placing a lamp table next to your favourite chair. This provides an easy-to-reach spot where you can keep your secret supply of chocolates, coffee, tea, and other treats.

It also makes a reading space look more complete, especially when paired with the other furniture in your nook. Consider the Carson side table, constructed from Oak with white accents, for a rustic and comforting look.


A Stylish Lamp Table

A side table can be paired with a lamp to provide soft incandescent light in your lounge or bedroom. Lamps often provide gentler light than ceiling lighting, and a deliberate pairing of a side table and a lamp can add plenty of style to your space.

The Larvik side table is an excellent option. This oak finished side table sits low enough to accommodate any size of lamp and boasts a sliding drawer that can store any knick-knacks you want handy in your bedroom or lounge.


Shop Occasional Tables Today

If you are looking to pick up a lamp table or side table of your own, make Target Furniture your first stop. With our recommended options and more, we are sure to have an occasional table to suit your home. Browse our selection today.

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